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Why an Alberta Accountant Can Save You Money on Your Taxes

Mar. 08, 2018

Do you own a small business in Alberta and need someone to help you file income taxes? Are you an individual that wants to get the most out of their tax return?

If you pay taxes in Alberta, you need to use a tax accountant. Everyone can benefit from their services when tax time rolls around.

Curious about why you should consider using an accountant to handle your taxes? Read on to learn why you need one of your own for the next tax season.

Why You Need A Tax Accountant

You may be used to doing your own taxes, but there’s nothing like getting taxes done by a professional. Are you not convinced that you should use one this year? You will be after you read about how they can benefit you.

Simply The Process

When you file as an individual and have a single form of income, paying your taxes can be somewhat simple. But when you deviate from that path taxes can get a lot more complicated.

Did you have children over the past year or get married? Do you do freelance work and need to claim income? Have you gotten any large financial gifts?

All of these great life events will complicate filing.

A tax accountant will know the ins and outs of filing for every situation. You won’t have to spend time double checking to make sure that you’re claiming the right dependent or declaring the right income.

Keep Up With Changes

Let’s say you didn’t have any major changes over the past year that could alter your taxes. You may not have made any changes, but the rules around your taxes may have.

Tax laws can vary from year to year. There may be new things you can deduct, or you may learn that things you’re used to deducting may no longer be allowed.

Even if you’re used to filing taxes on your own, you probably don’t keep up with the latest changes in tax law. The accountant you hire to handle your taxes will know about all the newest tax laws.

Get It Right

Making a mistake on your taxes can be one of the costliest mistakes you’ll ever have. Neglecting to file income or simply not having the right form can delay your refund, or cause worse problems.

Have you or someone you know experienced an audit? They may seem uncommon, but last year it was estimated that the CRA would give out around 30,000 audits.

An audit can take months to resolve, and in some extreme cases, it may take years. It’s a legal headache you won’t want to deal with.

A tax accountant is a professional, and they won’t make simple mistakes like having the wrong form or neglecting to claim the right things.

Next Steps

Now that you’re convinced that you need a tax accountant to help you make the April 30th deadline, remember that we’re here to help. Contact us with your tax needs and questions.

In the meantime, take some time to learn more about taxes by reading our blog. Check out our post on personal filing tips.

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