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20 Free Invoice Templates for Small Businesses

Oct. 07, 2020

Invoices are extremely important transaction statements designed to ensure complete payment for goods sold or services rendered.

Therefore, free invoice templates and apps make business transactions easier for all businesses, especially startups.

There are several reasons why invoices are prepared.

However, each of the reasons is all aimed at simplifying financial transactions.

7 Types of Invoice

As much as all invoices are aimed at recording transactions to retrieve payment, they are of different types.

1. Standard Invoice

A standard invoice is a straightforward invoice that contains a description of goods sold or services rendered as well as the cost.

It is the most popular type of invoice.

It usually contains; your business contact details, client details, invoice number, service cost, service charge, and payment details.

2. Credit Invoice

Credit Invoice is also known as Credit Note and it is used when there is a price reduction, to write off balance, or to correct a pricing error.

3. Debit Invoice

A Debit invoice or a debit note is a statement issued by the buyer to the seller as evidence for the return of a good.

This happens mostly when the goods are damaged or when an incorrect good is delivered.

When the debit invoice is sent to the seller, the seller then prepares a credit note/invoice.

4. Mixed Invoice

A mixed invoice is a combination of debit and credit. It contains a list of items sold or services rendered with different payment due dates.

5. Commercial Invoice

A commercial invoice is a type of invoice that is commonly used across the border sales.

A typical example of a commercial invoice is the CCI which is used in Canada for shipping goods abroad.

6. E-Invoice

E-invoice can be defined as an invoice that is sent to a client through electronic means.

It is commonly used for online transactions or transactions not done physically.

7. Pro Forma Invoice

The Pro Forma Invoice is a type of invoice that is prepared for a client before service is offered. It contains the estimated cost of the service.

Platforms to Get Free Invoice Templates

free invoice template apps for business

Wave Invoices

Wave is a web-based accounting software that includes a dashboard which contains an invoicing tool with options for small business owners to customize invoice templates.

1. Zoho Invoice Generator

Zoho Invoice is a good option for small and medium scale businesses.

Using Zoho, you can customize your invoices using a large array of already designed templates.

Furthermore, Zoho has a free plan and other paid plan options.

Lastly, the basic plan cost $9/month, standard costs $19/month, and professional costs $29/month.

2. Due Invoicing

Due is an accounting software with an impressive invoice feature.

It gives users a choice of templates to select from depending on their needs.

It also allows small businesses send out invoices and receives payments.

Due invoicing has a free and paid option which has more features.

3. Sighted invoicing

Sighted is a software designed majorly to assist with invoicing.

It has customized invoice and receipt designs suitable for all business types and sizes.

In the same vein, it is free and offers users free pdf invoice templates to help in the fast delivery of invoices.

4. Quickbooks Accounting App

QuickBooks is an online accounting software that includes invoicing features. It offers six free invoicing templates for business owners to pick from.

meanwhile, it also offers a one-month free trial after which, the user is expected to pay $25/month.

5. Hiveage Invoice Generator

This invoice generator is targeted to help freelancers and small business owners.

It gives businesses an unlimited billing / invoicing solution.

It has a free plan, a basic plan which costs $19/month, a pro plan $29/month, and plus which costs $49/month.

6. Handdy Invoicing

Handdy is a software that can be used to create invoices that are customizable, automated, and easy to use.

It has a free version but a user would have to pay $1 per month to access the premium invoice version.

7. Invoicera

Invoicera is an online billing system for small businesses that business owners can use to create and send invoices.

It is extremely easy to use.

In addition, Invoicera has a free plan, a classic plan which costs $19.95/month, a business plan for $39.95/month, and an infinite plan for $99.95/month.

8. Harvest

This is a time-tracking software that also performs invoicing and expensing functions.

Harvest has a free plan which allows just one user and a one-month free trial.

Lastly, the paid plan starts from $12.00 per month.

9. Invoice Simple

This invoicing tool is easy to use in creating invoices for customers.

There are free invoice templates that users can choose from.

10. Mr. Biller

Mr. Biller is an integrated software designed for small and medium scaled businesses. Users can easily create and send invoices.

It has a free plan and a paid premium plan at $3/month.


Inveezy is free Billing & Invoicing Software which allows you to customize your branded invoices to your taste.

12. InvoiceOcean

Invoiceocean is a time tracking, invoicing software with a free plan that allows one user to send three invoices per month.

Likewise, it offers three paid plans; the Basic plan is $9/month, The Professional plan is $18/month, The Enterprise plan is $32/month.

13. Odoo invoicing

Odoo is an accounting software that houses over 40 different small business applications. Out of which is the accounting app.

It has a free plan which has invoicing tools but the paid plan pricing starts at $25/month for one user.

14. Simplybill

Simplybill is a cloud-based invoice software that can tell a business owner if their invoices have been seen by clients.

It also helps users to easily generate their invoices, helping you spend less time creating one.

Simplybill has a free plan and a paid plan which starts at $25/month.

15. Yendo

This is an easy to use accounting software that gives users access to a different layout to create customized invoice templates.

Furthermore, Its Free plan allows one user and includes 10 invoices. Paid pricing starts from $49/month.

16. Tradeshift

Tradeshift is a cloud-based app that allows users to send invoices easily. It handles business invoices to enable quick and easy payment.

17. Sage one

This is a web-based accounting software that has certain invoicing features to help your business create easy invoices.

Sage one has a free version and a paid one which starts at $10/month.

18. ReliaBills

This is a cloud-based invoicing software with several invoicing tools, including access to invoice templates.

In addition, ReliaBills is easy to use and has a free version with access to unlimited Invoices. The paid plan with more features costs $24.95/month.

19. Paper-Free Billing

This billing software enables businesses to easily create and send out invoices to customers and track them.

Also, It has a basic version at no charge and a professional version which gives users access to unlimited Invoices at $10.58/month.

What is the Importance of Invoice?

free invoice template app for small businesses

Invoices are extremely important for any business.

It is as a result of the search for easier solutions that business owners seek to find free invoicing templates to get invoicing done quickly.

Essentially, invoices are significant for project completion and help both parties in pricing agreements.

It also enables a business owner to keep track of the payment process.

However, it is not enough to get a free invoicing template. What most business owners require is an accountant to record and monitor payments.

It would be difficult to monitor your payments when there are other aspects of your business that require your attention.

Therefore, the best option for any business, especially small businesses is to hand over the entire invoicing process to an accountant.

This way, your accountant prepares the invoice, sends it out, tracks, and ensures payment.

In conclusion, small businesses that use KAFT CPA do not have to worry about handling their invoices because they rest assured that we have got it all covered.

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