You’re a smart business person. You know that you don’t have to choose between growing your business and saving money on taxes. Any good accountant can help you do both at the same time. But you may still be buying into a dangerous myth…

The idea that you should pay a lot for accountants if you want to pay less in tax? That’s just plain wrong.

Because at KAFT CPA, we approach accounting a different way.


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Taiwo Kasali, CPA, CGA
Founding partner at KAFT CPA

Taiwo believes that empowering businesses to achieve success helps whole communities to grow and prosper. His area of expertise is helping small businesses save tax dollars by designing solutions that are customized to their unique needs. Taiwo has worked over the last 10 years in accounting practices in Yellowknife and Calgary.

Taiwo is a CPA with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting. He is married with two boys, loves reading, swimming and meeting people.

Femi Ajayi, CPA, CA
Founding Partner at KAFT CPA

Femi is passionate about empowering small businesses and individuals through mentoring, knowledge and facilitation in order to help them reach their full potential . Femi’s unique combination of industry and accounting firm experience over the last 15 years—both locally and internationally—provides businesses and individuals with the expertise needed to achieve success.

Femi is a CPA in both Canada and the USA, and has an MBA from the prestigious Haskayne School of business at the University of Calgary. He is married with twin girls and a boy, loves to sing, play piano and volunteer at his church.

About Kaft CPA
  • We take our time to understand your business, then deliver professional accounting services custom-designed for your situation.

  • We check in often. (If you’re used to hearing from your accountants only in December, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.)

  • We’re available when you call—even if that’s on a Sunday afternoon or a Thursday night—to answer your questions. And we provide actionable advice you can literally take to the bank.

  • Best of all, we do it—from start to finish—affordably.

  • Our diverse team of professionals is proud to offer our clients service in Ukrainian, Russian, Arabic and English. 

The result?

KAFT CPA delivers an abundance of something that most business people, smart or not, don’t get enough of… Happiness. (Especially at tax time.)

That’s how we measure our success as accountants. And it’s how we think you will, too.

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